Level 5 Diploma in Cardiovascular Technology is an exciting new programme on offer at Politeknik Brunei under the School of Health Sciences. It offers students an insight into the ever evolving field of cardiovascular diagnostics. The programme adopts an integrated clinical approach; giving students the opportunity to experience both invasive and noninvasive cardiovascular laboratories early on. This will leave them in good stead for a future career in the field.


1. Cardiovascular physiology Basic sciences and physiology are fundamentally important in this field and is taught throughout the course.

 2. Disease pathology and clinical correlation Students will be taught on cardiovascular disease processes and its management. This will provide perspective to the cardiovascular diagnostic procedures they are undertaking.

3. Technical and analytical proficiency Acquire the technical expertise in performing various cardiovascular diagnostic modalities along with the ability to analyze the data collected for correct clinical application.


Cardiovascular disease remains one of the top killers worldwide. This creates high demand for well-qualified cardiovascular technologists. Graduates of this programme will enjoy employment opportunities in various health settings; both hospital as well as community-based particularly in this era of early detection and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Programme Structure for Diploma Health Science (Cardiovascular Technology)