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Programmes Overview | Level 5 Diploma

“It’s a very good opportunity for us to gain employment. This course is not easy for us. We have to learn new skills. In the fifth semester, we will be continuing our study at Lanzhou Petrochemical Polytechnic for a semester before being placed for an internship at Hengyi Industries Sdn. Bhd.”

Muhammad Safwan bin Azmi
Intake 10 Student
Diploma in Chemical Engineering


“Chemical Equipment Technology has always been my first choice because the course relates to the Oil and Gas industry and I am thrilled to learn that Hengyi Industry is part of it. It also gives a good opportunity to work with Hengyi Industry right after graduation day which is very good for us. One of the advantages is that you’ll learn a new language which is, Mandarin. Zhù dàjiā hǎo yùn (Goodluck people).”

Muhammad Mui’zadin bin Muhd Muzaine – Intake 11

“The Diploma in Laboratory Technology is a course developed in collaboration with Hengyi Industries Sdn. Bhd. which is a plus for me. Throughout my studies so far, I have gained extensive knowledge in scientific research as well as in sample analyses. It is a great way to get hands-on experience in preparation for future employment. It has also equipped me with communication skills in Mandarin and a mindset to face real-life situations.”

Siti Nursyahirah Binti Shahminan Intake 10 Student Diploma in Laboratory Technology

“First of all, the study was fascinating and well managed by my wonderful lecturers. So far, I am able to adapt my learning throughout COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, I am surrounded by my 15 spectacular classmates and they are super hardworking and lovely. Finally, I hope that all my studies will fulfill the requirements to the job that I desire to do work on. For example, I hope that my job suits the environment to the place where I belong, which is my family.”

Patrick Yap Raymundo
Intake 11 Student
Diploma in Storage and Transportation Technology

“I really value my education at Politeknik Brunei for many reasons. First, I get to learn about many things I never knew about. Another reason is that the teachers here really care about you and your education. Also, I have a lot of chances to make up for work during the week. Tutoring is also available after school for those students who don’t understand something. I also have the opportunity to join a variety of sports clubs, such as Frisbee. I also get to learn Mandarin, which I never knew before. Even though we mostly learned through virtual classes, the experience was fantastic and it was flexible. Lastly, this school has a safe learning environment and I learn many things here. These are just some of the many reasons why I value my education at Politeknik Brunei”

Ak Ahmad Ziyad Bin Pg Abd Malik – Intake 11

“For a start, I would like to express my gratitude to all of my dedicated lecturer for helping us in studies especially during this 2nd covid-19 outbreak, helping us on any enquiries even after office hours. Studying in PB is a dream come true for me and enroll in one of the promising course in joint collaboration between pb and hengyi give me significant hindsight that I’m be able to improve more on my knowledge and further enhance my hands-on skills and for that my classmates has been very helpful and supportive towards eachother, dedicate to achieve current goals and lastly I hope that with all hard work and efforts we being putting through, all will be going as plans.”

Muhd Zulfaqar bin Haji Ramli
Intake 10
Diploma in Power Plant & Power System Technology

“What I think of my studies so far is that I am doing my best. Being able to study at PB is a blessing and a great opportunity for me despite having a different background, but that doesn’t stop me from learning new skills, improving my own personal development and my knowledge to advance my future career. I hope my friends and I can find our purpose in life, and studying goes easy for us. With hard work and dedication, when you put your mind to it, anything is possible.”

Nur Radifah binti Haji Rusli
Intake 11
Diploma in Water Treatment Technology