Vision and Mission


To generate innovative and future ready graduates

Politeknik Brunei envisions producing resilient, creative thinking, dynamic, innovative and competent graduates that is marketable with the acquisition of industry-driven skill set.

Politeknik Brunei ensures graduates are equipped with relevant industry skill set needed at present and the future through consultations with External Review Committees (ERC), where demanded industrial skills are identified and integrated into the modules offered at Politeknik Brunei.


To deliver industry driven quality education and training

The continuous advice from industry experts and industry stakeholders through PB ERC, PB integrates and inculcates industry competencies and requirements into the curriculum. This mitigates and reduces the gap between graduate skills and industry skill requirements.

By having a Quality Assurance Framework, PB ensures the quality of its education and training by benchmarking it with the Brunei TVET Teacher Standards. This ensures that the academic staff are well-qualified and competent to deliver the right knowledge and skills.


Tafawwuq – Excellence

Tafawwuq or Excellence will be endorsed through the day-to-day operations at PB that strive towards such value and the delivery of its services.
This value is integral to the ‘way of life / work’ for PB communities.