Diploma in Health Science (Cardiovascular)

Level 5 Diploma in Cardiovascular Technology is an exciting programme that is offered at Politeknik Brunei under the School of Health Sciences. It offers students an insight into the ever-evolving field of cardiovascular diagnostics. Correspondingly, the role of the cardiovascular technologist has also been evolved from that of a mere technician to that of a more holistic professional with clinical acumen.

The programme also adopts an integrated clinical approach; giving students the opportunity to experience both invasive and non-invasive cardiovascular laboratories early on. This will leave them in good stead for a future career in the field.

To create employment opportunities in various health settings; both hospital as well as community-based particularly in this era of early detection and prevention of cardiovascular diseases

The Diploma will be awarded to those who have satisfactorily completed the following prescribed requirement:

  • Acquire the stipulated minimum credits of 90 credit values for the programme, and
  • Satisfactory attendance.

A maximum period of five (5) years is allowed for the students to fulfil all the requirements for the award of the diploma.

Students who fail to obtain the full requirements for the award of Diploma will be issued with an achievement transcript.

Graduates of this programme will have the opportunity to work in various health institutions; both public and private. Within the public sector there remains a great need for skilled cardiovascular technologists – all Ministry of Health Hospitals as well as military health centres. Private centres such as Gleneagles Jerudong Park Medical Centre (JPMC), Pantai Jerudong Specialist Centre (JPSC) through their newly formed cardiac nuclear medicine department and several private clinics with cardiac investigation modalities are also potential future employers.

This programme can be used as a platform to further an individual’s career as they may wish to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in a related field and beyond upon completion of this Level 5 Diploma programme

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