Tender and Quotation

To Suppliers,
We are pleased to invite you to submit quotation(s) for the following items.

For more details, please click on each listing below.


Jika anda berminat untuk mengemukakan tawaran, anda dikehendaki untuk mengisi BORANG PENYERTAAN dalam talian di https://bit.ly/3Hp2RLt dan memohon daripada pihak LPD untuk mendapatkan Borang Sebutharga (RFQ) melalui e-mel lpd@pb.edu.bn.

Terima kasih di atas penyertaan anda.


If you are interested to submit an offer(s), you are required to fill in the online PARTICIPATION FORM at https://bit.ly/3Hp2RLt and request from LPD to obtain a Quotation Form (RFQ) via email lpd@pb.edu.bn.

Thank you and look forward to your participation.


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