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New and revised programmes coming in July 2023

Diploma in Business
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Diploma in Human Capital Management

Diploma in Entrepreneurship & Marketing Strategies


The School of Business (SBS) aims to produce students who are confident and independent with marketable skills. Through the programmes offered, students have the opportunity to undergo industrial training through collaboration with local and international industrial partners. With the desire to address the challenges of today’s ever-changing economy, SBS offers two main Level 5 Diploma programmes in Business Accounting & Finance and Business Studies. The latter offers three choices of specialisations: Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Human Resource Management. At present, SBS is led by a Head of School, Assistant Head of School with more than 20 lecturers who support the department.

The School offers programmes to students who are interested in attaining relevant business, management and entrepreneurial skills and knowledge and for those who aspire to establish their own businesses. Information Communication Technology (ICT) is used to enable students to learn more and faster at their own pace and time. A Learning Management System (LMS) also enables students to access learning resources both on and off-campus with courses delivered through blended learning approaches. Programmes and modules are designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge that are demanded of the business industry.