Diploma in Health Science (Nursing)

The Level 5 Diploma in Health Science (Nursing) programme provides a general education in nursing for the preparation of first-level professional nurses who can provide high-quality patient-centred care in different healthcare settings.

  • Equip students with knowledge, skills and attitudes to make significant contributions to health and professional nursing practice.
  • Prepare students with the ability to perform the required clinical skills competently and in full knowledge of the current evidence.
  • Prepare students to assume responsibilities as professional and competent nurses
  • Allow a progression route to higher studies for Assistant nurses/midwife with NTec in Nursing or from IBTE

The Diploma will be awarded to those who have satisfactorily completed the following prescribed requirement:

  • Acquire the stipulated minimum credits of 75 credit values for the programme
  • Satisfactory attendance.

A maximum period of five (5) years is allowed for the students to fulfill all the requirements for the award of the diploma.

Students who fail to obtain the full requirements for the award of Diploma will be issued with an achievement transcript.

On successful completion of the course, candidates are eligible to apply for registration with the Brunei Nursing Board and to work in any hospital/clinic settings locally or internationally as Staff Nurse

The programme is designed to provide graduates with an opportunity to further their studies in related health sciences areas both in local and international universities. The successful completion of the programme renders a candidate to be eligible for application for enrollment on the Bachelor’s programmes of nursing studies

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