Diploma in Health Science (Paramedic)

The Diploma in Health Science (Paramedic) is a 2.5-year programme offered by the School of Health Science which is designed to prepare students to be competent Registered Paramedics. The programme provides a rich learning environment that integrates classroom theory, high-fidelity simulation, various interprofessional exercises and extensive clinical exposure with a diversified content that is designed to develop student’s ability to draw upon the various types of knowledge and skills to meet the medical needs of individuals within the critical care and community care environments. The 2.5-year programme conforms to the Allied Health Professions Council of Brunei Darussalam and secures recognition as a registered Paramedic level in Brunei Darussalam. 

The overall aim of the Diploma in Health Science (Paramedic) programme is to prepare first-level paramedics who are able to provide effective evidence-based patient-centered care

The course aims to:

  1. Equip students with knowledge, skills and attitudes to make significant contributions to health and professional paramedic practice.
  2. Prepare students with the ability to perform the required clinical skills competently and in full knowledge of the current evidence.

On successful completion of the course, candidates are eligible to apply for registration with the Allied Health Professions Council of Brunei Darussalam (AHPCBD) as a certified Paramedic in Brunei Darussalam

Graduates of the Level 5 Diploma in Health Science (Paramedic) may choose to further their studies at degree level in relevant courses at the local university or any accredited university abroad.

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