Programme Information
Level 5 Diploma EquivalenceHigher National Diploma
Duration of Study3 Years (6 Semesters)
Commencement of 2022/2023 Academic YearJuly 2022
No of Modules24 Modules (90 Credit Values)

Module List

NoModule Title
1.Communication Skills
2.Health, Safety & Environment (Business & Office Workplace)
3.IT for Business
4.Management & Organisational Behaviour
5.Introduction to Financial Accounting
6.Pengajian Melayu Islam Beraja 
7.Pendidikan Islam
8.Mathematics for Business
9.Principles of Economics
10.Business Information Systems
11.Financial Accounting
12.Business Law
13.Introduction to Management Accounting 
14.Fundamentals of Financial Management
15.Financial Reporting
17.Corporate Law
18.Management Accounting
19.Final Year Project
20.Internship Programme
22.*International Trade & Finance
23.*Corporate Finance
24.*Investment for Islamic Finance
25.*Business Ethics
26.*Audit & Taxation
27.*Business Risk Management & Insurance
28.*Islamic Economics & Finance

(*) Optional modules offered by the programme to be chosen by the student


Account Assistant
Account clerk
Audit Assistant
Finance officer
Procurement clerk
Receivable clerk
Bachelor of Business (Major in Accounting and Finance)Bachelor of Business (Major in Business Administration)Bachelor of Business (Major in Economics)Bachelor of Business (Major in Entrepreneurship)Bachelor of Business – Major in Accounting and Information SystemsBachelor of Business – Major in Finance and Risk ManagementBachelor of Business – Major in Applied Economics and FinanceBachelor of Business in Accounting


After completing my three-years study at Politeknik Brunei, I have acquired the necessary knowledge, experiences, and capabilities to adopt it in my future studies, profession, and daily life. It has offered me with invaluable opportunities to develop myself further. Hence, I would like to express my highest gratitude to all PB lecturers and staff for their unwavering support, guidance, mentorship, and encouragement.

Nabil Ridhwan bin Suhaili@Suhili
Best student award
Currently studying Bachelor of Business – Major in Accounting and Information Systems in Universiti Teknologi Brunei

The Business Accounting & Finance programme has provided me with unique and powerful experiences for my future career prospects. The knowledge and the experiences of the financial theory being taught seamlessly has integrated with the real-world application which may lead me to a secured job, and even help me to plan or invest in the future. Thank You Politeknik Brunei and I am very grateful to be part of the best and memorable learning journey.

Nornajihah binti Haji Nani @ Haji Nayan
Working as clerk in finance department/section at Jabatan Imigresen & Pendaftaran Kebangsaan

It had been a great journey at Politeknik Brunei where I took my Diploma in Business Accounting and Finance. The institution provided me with the best experiences and knowledge. The course gave more than I expected. I learnt how to start up a business, especially in terms of finance. More than that, I also learnt Communication skills. It made me learn things about myself that I never knew and it has helped me with my future career prospects.

Nur’aini Hazwani binti Mohammad Ariffin
Working as teller in Baiduri Bank

As an alumni of Politeknik Brunei, I felt thankful to all lecturers that had taught me directly and indirectly. In those 3 years, not just knowledge and skills but I also gained many experiences through varieties of projects and activities that were provided by the campus, which really helped me in managing my work in the admin department. For those who want to further their studies, I really recommend the students to enter Politeknik Brunei.

Siti Nurrashidah binti Abd. Ghani
Special Grade Worker (Pekerja Tingkat Khas) in Administration Department at Ministry of Health