Diploma in Human Capital Management

In order to adapt the constant dynamic changes in the business world, we always rely on our most valuable asset i.e. people. This programme offers a deep dive into the world of human resources specifically on the human capital management. The blend of theoretical concepts and practical applications, students will be able to lead and explore how to align human capital strategies towards achieving organizational goals. Equipping the students with the right knowledge and competencies in this field will definitely guide them to enhance employee development driving towards success and adapt to the ever-evolving challenges of workplace.

Opting for this programme, students will be able to acquire expertise through necessary knowledge of contemporary human resource management theories, concepts and tools. Whilst also exposing them to a wide range of human and work-related skills and experiences to navigate the dynamic and complex work environment, manage human capital and make informed decisions.

Pass all modules throughout the 2.5 years duration.

  • Academic (Facilitator, Assistant Lecturer)
  • Talent Agent
  • Human Resource Administrator
  • Human Resource Assistant
  • Training Coordinator
  • Administrative Supervisor/Officer
  • Career Development Advisor
  • Compensation & Benefits Analyst

Bachelor degree in similar field (Human capital management / human resource management, etc) and other business-related areas such as business management and others.

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