The Diploma in Architecture is a three (3) year diploma programme with 6 semesters, including six (6) months of an internship programme and six (6) months Final Year Project (FYP). The programme is tailored for Bruneian and International students who have the prerequisite skills in architecture which are needed in the industry. This diploma programme is designed to cater to the industry’s needs and demands. Module learning and critique sessions are based on collaborations with industry experts.


This programme is designed to produce graduates who can develop their creative and innovative skills using the best technological tools in building designs.

The focus of the programme is not only to develop them as students but also to inspire their growth into skilled and intellectual architectural designers and technologists.


  • To provide an exploratory learning environment that values critical and creative thinking in a hands-on studio.
  • To equip students with the fundamentals of architecture design processes and practices through project work and out-of-classroom learning sessions.
  • To study different building techniques, materials, ecology, sustainability and other factors that impact the technical design of buildings.

To enhance presentation skills and proficiency in the use of processes such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Computer Aided Design.

Programme Structure in Architecture