Diploma in Electrical Engineering

The Level 5 Diploma in Electrical Engineering program offers a comprehensive and focused curriculum that immerses students in the study of electrical power while encompassing essential electronics components. Throughout this program, students will acquire a robust foundation in core subjects like Health, Safety, Security, and Environment, Communication Skills, and Engineering Mathematics. The coursework seamlessly transitions into in-depth learning, covering Electrical Engineering Fundamentals, Analogue Electronics, AC Circuits, and Digital Electronics. As the program advances, students delve into specialized areas including Power System, Microcontroller and Application, Transducer and Instrumentation, Electrical Machine, and Electrical Installation and Technology. The final semesters encompass advanced topics such as Power Electronics and Drive, Power Systems, System Modelling and Control, PLC and Automation, as well as Renewable Energy (Photovoltaic Technology). A specialized Final Year Project and an enriching Internship experience provide practical application and industry exposure. This diploma ensures graduates are adept in both electrical power and electronics, well-prepared to excel in the dynamic field of electrical engineering.

To develop a comprehensive understanding of electrical power, supplemented by a solid foundation in electronics. To equip students with knowledge in electrical fundamentals, electronics, AC circuits, power systems, microcontrollers, instrumentation, and renewable energy, preparing them for diverse engineering roles and real-world applications.

  • Acquire 75 credit value
  • Satisfactory attendance.
  1. Power Systems Engineer
  2. Electronics Technician
  3. Control Systems Technician
  4. Renewable Energy Technician
  5. Electrical Design Engineer
  6. Instrumentation Technician
  7. Project Manager
  8. Field Service Engineer
  9. Technical Sales
  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering
  2. Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering
  3. Bachelor’s Degree in Renewable Energy Engineering
  4. Certifications and Short Courses
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