General Studies Division


The Department of General Studies provides support and services to the four schools in Politeknik Brunei. All students joining the Institution are required to enroll in General Studies Department modules in their first and/or second semester. 

About Us

The General Studies Department consists of four sections/units: Pendidikan Islam; Pengajian Melayu Islam Beraja, Language and Communication; and Mathematics. These sections/units ensure that the modules taught not only have applicability in the development of study skills and employability skills, but also in the development of self (becoming righteous and responsible being).

The General Studies Department modules are designed to allow students the opportunity to strengthen core skills necessary to advance in their diploma programmes. These modules also aim to enhance and improve each student’s skills of acquisition, mastery and applications to humanity and to promote nation-building spirit through consolidating the skills taught, broadening knowledge gained and acquiring & learning from experiences throughout the semester(s).    

Through these modules, students are hoped to be able to grasp further understanding in areas such as leadership and interpersonal skills, writing skills and thinking skills to better equip them with the soft skills required for their diploma programmes. Students will also be exposed to develop practical community-minded skills by either engaging on the co-curriculum or community service to the society, via some of the modules. 


The department is solely responsible for the following core modules:

  •  Pendidikan Islam
  •  Pengajian Melayu Islam Beraja
  •  Communication Skills
  •  Mathematics

Modules Offered

The module is designed based on the needs and expectation of Melayu Islam Beraja philosophy, in line with the direction of the National Education System (SPN). The module covers social science, technology, politic, economy and Islamic perspectives in the context of Brunei Darussalam. This module provides learning opportunity that is relatable to other relevant disciplines. A positive development of learning skills and behaviours is therefore hoped to be accomplished at the end of the module, in support of the accomplishment of the vision and mission of Politeknik Brunei.

​The modules taught by this section / unit are:

  • Communication Skills for Business 1 and 2
  • Communication Skills for Engineering 1 and 2
  • Communication Skills for ICT
  • Communication Skills for Healthcare Professionals

The modules are designed to equip students with relevant effective communication skills such as the process of human communication, as well as understanding the value of critical and creative thinking in group communication processes. The contents of the modules are designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and communication skills in accomplishing module tasks and undertakings including doing their research proposal, designing appropriate research methodology, writing reports and to communicate technical content clearly, as well as delivering presentations.


​Mathematics section offers core Mathematics modules for three schools: School of Science and Engineering, School of Business and School of ICT. These modules, will not only provide students with the necessary mathematical knowledge and skills, but are also develop students’ ability to think logically, organize data and information well and communicate them clearly, so that they are able to equip themselves better while working in research centres, government/ private sectors or industries in the future.