Corporate Affairs Division


The International and Public Relations Department (IPRD) was established to oversee external communications and brand reputation and facilitate local and international collaborations through formal partnerships with Politeknik Brunei. To help achieve Politeknik Brunei’s vision, IPRD plays a vital role through the Five Years Development Plan of the institution’s Strategic Objective 5: Promote a Corporate Image.

To date, IPRD has produced a number of publications including Politeknik Brunei’s first magazine “Vision” which was launched in January 2017 in conjunction with the institution’s 3rd convocation ceremony.


Uplifting Politeknik Brunei’s positive corporate image


To support Politeknik Brunei’s vision by providing effective international and public relations strategies in uplifting its positive corporate image through close rapport and collaboration with partners and effective PR resources.


• Promote the positive image and profile of Politeknik Brunei by establishing close rapport and relationships with media partners, relevant local and international parties.

• Provide efficient and effective public relations services.

• Assisting in the legal procedures of Memorandum of Understanding / Memorandum of Agreement.

• Facilitating visits from interested and potential parties to Politeknik Brunei.


International and Public Relations Department
Room 10.03, Level 10,
Politeknik Brunei
Block 2E, Ong Sum Ping Condominium,
Bandar Seri Begawan BA1311
Brunei Darussalam

Office: +6732234466