Centre for Student Development and Innovation (CSDI)


The Centre for Student Development and Innovation (CSDI) is the custodian of the enrichment module, a compulsory component of the diploma programs at Politeknik Brunei. The CSDI was envisioned to broaden students’ learning experiences by adding value through enrichment programs and activities. We endeavour to develop students’ potential and nurture their skills and abilities through involvement and participation in educational, physical, spiritual and social activities.

We strive to prepare students for gainful employment by equipping them with the necessary 21st-century skills to be able to compete in the global employment market.

We are committed to providing students with the best possible opportunities to develop themselves into successful individuals possessing value-added skills useful in their careers and life.

Strategic thrusts

CSDI champions four key strategic thrusts to help realize its five-year strategic development plan. Each strategic thrust is made up of several projects and initiatives planned for implementation within a five year period from 2014 and extending into 2019 with the aim of establishing the Centre for Student Development and Innovation as a leading institution for technopreneurship Leadership and innovation.

It is estimated that CSDI’s four strategic thrusts will provide multiple capacity-building development opportunities to students, faculty, and management. By 2019, the CSDI and Politeknik Brunei would have created a significant footprint in the innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership development arena.

Vision & Mission


A centre known for developing students’ potential and ability.


Provide the best possible opportunities for students to develop into well-rounded and responsible individuals possessing value-added skills for a successful career and life.

Mission Objectives

  • To provide students with skill programs and activities that would equip them with useful life skills,
  • To facilitate students leadership, personal, and social development through appropriate skills programs,
  • To enhance students’ competitive edge through participation and involvement in competitive programs and endeavours.


Centre for Student Development and Innovation
Apartment 3.02, Level 3, Block 2E,
Condominium Ong Sum Ping
Jalan Kumbang Pasang
Bandar Seri Begawan BA1311
Brunei Darussalam

Office: +6732234413

E-mail: csdi@pb.edu.bn