The Diploma in Health Science (Midwifery) is a 2.5-year programme offered by the School of Health Science which is designed to prepare students to be competent Registered Midwives. The programme will equip students with essential pertinent knowledge and skills to become sensitive, safe and skilled midwives who will be able to meet the needs of women and their families during this crucial time of their lives. 

The overall aim of the Diploma in Health Science (Midwifery) programme is to produce competent midwives who can provide high-quality midwifery care, and contribute to effective planning and delivery of health care with a woman-centred approach both in the hospital and community settings.


Allow a progression route to higher studies for Assistant nurses/midwives with NTec in Nursing or Midwifery from IBTE as well as from other institutions with similar qualifications. In addition, postgraduate diploma students will be eligible to apply for Bachelor’s programmes of studies local and international after successful completion of their Diploma programme.