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  • Monday, 09 November 2015


    Three guest speakers from Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) Sdn. Bhd, Maria Choque, Walter Stam and Hamidah Mokhtar, were recently invited by Politeknik Brunei to give Advanced Diploma in Well Engineering SWEN 0314/03 students an in-sight of the contracting process and different technologies implemented in the industry today.


    Oil and gas exploration and production industry (E&P) has faced numerous challenges as it addresses growing energy demand, the need for sustainable operations, declining production from older reservoirs, terrestrial and harsher environments. Beside challenges faced in the E&P industry as mentioned, falling oil prices in year 2015 below USD$50 barrel per day have created an even bigger challenge to the industry today.


    Advanced Diploma in Well Engineering SWEN 0314/03 students with Guest Speaker from BSP Sdn. Bhd., Maria Paula Carrillo


    Working closely with the industry has always been part of Politeknik Brunei’s vision. The three subject matter experts from Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) Sdn. Bhd have shared their knowledge on contracting process and technologies as part of Well Engineering module, “Drilling and Well Intervention Economics” syllabus. This allowed the students to have a better understanding of the factors that concerned with the cost estimation of oil and gas exploration and production. The lectures have also prepared the students’ to be mentally ready to work in the industry and brainstorming for solutions to overcome the challenges.




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