• Thursday, 25 October 2018


    Politeknik Brunei, through its School of Science and Engineering, today held its 2nd Project Approach in enhancing Skills, Creativity & Innovation (PASCI 2018) Exhibition at the Multipurpose Hall, School of Science and Engineering, Lumut Campus.



    PASCI 2018 was officiated with an opening ceremony graced by Yang Mulia Awang Denis Ho Mun Tai, Director of Politeknik Brunei. The event began with the recitation of Surah Al-Fatihah followed by a welcoming speech by Yang Mulia Dayang Noorbaidzayanie binti Kamis, PASCI Chairperson. This was followed by speeches from 3 student representatives, Dayang Nur Aqilah binti Ahmad from the Diploma in Science Technology, Awang Amir Ali bin Abidin from Diploma in Petroleum Engineering, and Dayang Siti Nurhamizah binti Haji Mahadee from Diploma in Architecture, reflecting the success of last year’s PASCI 2017 exhibition.


    A total of 364 students from five (5) Level 5 Diploma programmes offered by the School of Science and Engineering, Politeknik Brunei showcased their projects at this year’s exhibition. From this total:


    • (i) 114 students are from the Level 5 Diploma in Science Technology (Chemical Laboratory Technology) programme,
    • (ii) 61 students are from Level 5 Diploma in Petroleum Engineering programme,
    • (iii) 69 students from the Level 5 Diploma in Architecture programme,
    • (iv) 50 students from the Level 5 Diploma in Interior Design programme, and
    • (v) 70 students from the Level 5 Diploma in Mechanical Engineering programme.


    Some of the projects featured were final year projects and students’ creativity consisting of posters, models, artworks, video and creative displays such as furniture and lightings.


    With the success from the 1st PASCI hosted last year, it is hoped that the exhibition will provide a platform which fosters project-based activities by engaging students with life-enhancing skills through holistic approach towards creativity and innovation. In the upcoming years, this exhibition is hoped to expose all programmes in Politeknik Brunei, School of Science and Engineering via PASCI by exhibiting students’ works.


    The objectives of PASCI 2018 are (i) to embark PASCI exhibition on acquiring real-world knowledge and exposure with relevant industries, (ii) to engage and unite audiences in different fields with interactive display, (iii) to encourage social awareness and empower the students to serve society, and (iv) to maintain good relationship and collaborate among the participating students and lecturers from different programs.









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