• Memorandum of Understanding between Politeknik Brunei, Brunei Darussalam and Politeknik Kota Malang, Indonesia


  • Kota Malang, Indonesia – A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony between Politeknik Brunei, Brunei Darussalam and Politeknik Kota Malang, Indonesia will take place at Politeknik Kota Malang, Indonesia on the 17th April 2018. Signing on behalf of Politeknik Brunei is the Assistant Director, Awang Alias bin Haji Abu Bakar and witnessed by Dr Tang Shi Siong, Acting Head Of School of Science and Engineering. While signing on behalf of Politeknik Kota Malang is the Director, Dr. Isnandar, M.T. and witnessed by Mr. Aditya Kurniawan, Coordinator for Student Exchange program/Senior Lecturer Engineering Department.



    The objective of the MoU is to establish, promote and develop cooperation between both institutions in the field of Science and Engineering programmes of mutual interest. Each institutions endeavour to take necessary steps to encourage and promote cooperation in the following areas under Global Education Programmes (GEP):


    1. i. Exchange of Students
    2. ii. Exchange of staff
    3. iii. Internship Programme
    4. iv. Joint Conferences


    In fulfilling the objective of the MoU, sees a first project where five students from the School of Science and Engineering, Politeknik Brunei studying Level 5 Diploma in Telecommunications and System Engineering will be undergoing training in MIKROTIK and CCNA (Cisco Certifies Network Associate) certification. The five students will be at Politeknik Kota Malang from 15th April to 5th May. The students will also gain the experience to visit Telecommunication industries in Malang, Indonesia.


    Earlier, from 22nd February to 18th March 2018, five students from Politeknik Kota Malang had the opportunity to participate in the Student Exchange Programme at Politeknik Brunei. Whilst in Politeknik Brunei, the students studied Microwave systems module, visited Radio Television Brunei (RTB) and exposed to the Bruneian culture.


    The students involved in the Student Exchange Programmes are:


    Politeknik Brunei exchange Students

    Kota Malang exchange Students

    Abdul Muqsit Bin Haji Jafari

    Ozzy Alif Tegar Abadi

    Khir Afifi Bin Mashud

    Ahmad Misbah Hudaini

    Fakhri Afif Bin Haji Abu Bakar

    Septa Ahmad Saputra

    Muhammad Kamarularifin Bin Haji Muhammad

    Imam Fauzzi Rhomadony

    Muhammad Rafiee Bin Haji Mohd Effendy

    Moh. Imam Magribi


    This project which is the Student Exchange programme fits in well with Politeknik Brunei’s Five Year (2015-2020) Development Plan where one of the strategies is to promote GLOBAL EDUCATION PROGRAMME (GEP).


    One of the objectives of GEP is to provide students with global skills and knowledge that would make them to be more confidence, creative, innovative, marketable and globally competitive. Through global education programmes such as overseas internship and student exchange as well as internationally community work, Politeknik Brunei students would be able to experience situations that may not exist locally. Such insights are vital in the building of individual’s capacity and expertise of the polytechnic. This would also give Politeknik Brunei the exposure that it needs to gain recognition and reputation as a local institution with a global outlook.








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