• Thursday, 25 February 2016


    The Politeknik Brunei Open Day was launched today at School of Science and Engineering (Lumut Campus) to expose the public on learning opportunities available at Politeknik Brunei where students can pursue their Diploma programmes for the coming 2016/2017 intake. Students from various upper secondary schools and sixth form centres today took the opportunity to visit the Politeknik Brunei Open Day.


    The technical education transformation is a timely response to the reality of the local and global economic landscapes that are constantly changing to address the current and future skilled workforce needs of the nation. Therefore, for the coming July 2016 intake, Politeknik Brunei will be offering a 3-year Level 5 Diploma programs to students with a minimum of 5 GCE ‘O’ Level credits in relevant subjects and students with Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) qualifications. In addition to that, Politeknik Brunei will also be offering a 3-year Diploma Level 4 programs in Health Sciences. The Level 5 Diploma is equivalent to Higher National Diploma (HND) and Level 4 Diploma is equivalent to Ordinary National Diploma (OND) are accredited and approved by the Brunei Darussalam National Accreditation Council, Ministry of Education.



    Carrying the theme, “#pbskillfulgeneration,” the public were welcomed to visit the booths set up by Politeknik Brunei’s 4 schools - School of Business, School of Science and Engineering, School of Information and Communication Technology, School of Health Sciences at the Multipurpose Hall, Politeknik Brunei Lumut Campus where they can view and enquire about the various Diploma programs being offered. The Open Day started from 09.00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon. There were also briefings as well as question and answer sessions conducted by the individual schools on the programs offered as well as consultation session from Higher Education Division, Ministry of Education and the Higher Education Computerised Admission System (HECAS), Ministry of Education.



    For the latest and further information, please visit Politeknik Brunei’s official web portal at www.pb.edu.bn for further information.




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