• ENTx 2016



  • Wednesday, 11 May 2016


    AROUND 64 groups of 380 students from the School of Business and School of ICT at Politeknik Brunei’s, Jalan Ong Sum Ping are taking part in the second Entrepreneurship Exhibition “ENTx 2016”. The event presents an opportunity for the students to showcase their innovative ideas, at the same time offering public exposure and achieve market validation. The event was held at One Stop Centre, Level 2, Politeknik Brunei, Jalan Ong Sum Ping.


    The exhibition began with the recitation of surah Al-Fatihah. Guest of Honor for the closing ceremony ENTx was Acting Director of Politeknik Brunei, Awang Denis Ho Mun Tai.




    Also present during the event were the Heads of Departments and Heads of Schools, staffs of Politeknik Brunei and invited guests from BEDB, DARe, Energy services Business Development (PMO), KPMG, Lighthouse Solution and Entrepreneurship Village, UBD.


    The winning team received cash prize and certificates. The winners for the best ideas for Entrepreneurship Exhibition 2016 were:

    A) School of Business

    1) G8 – Kidrolay Theme Park (Winner/1st Place) (Kidrolay Park is a real-world inspired park that mimics the real work of adults. Kidrolay Park is also known for a “Children Career Theme Park”).

    2) G1 – Parkchaser (2nd place)

    3) G17 – Duopen (3rd Place)


    B) School of ICT

    1) G64 – Hajj App (Winner/1st Place) (This will be the first Hajj Information application in Brunei that will provide all the information about Hajj including the price, the organizer, Hajj Pilgrimage, Doas, etc. It will be easy and user-friendly application where everyone can use it without any problems.

    2) G55 – Augmented Reality for Tourism (2nd Place)

    3) G33 – Full Armour (3rd Place)


    During the event, students and teachers from IBTE campuses, secondary schools and Institutes of Higher Education, were on hand to observe and commend on the innovative ideas exhibited by the participants. Those present also had the opportunity to vote for the best concept. Politeknik Brunei would also to thank the sponsors from Syarikat Melabau Utama and IBIC Sdn Bhd for their supports and contributions.


    This event presents the opportunity for the School of Business to carry out the final assessment for the students of Politeknik Brunei undertaking the Entrepreneurship module. 3 Categories were judged for this exhibition; (1) Group pitch which was held a week before this event where students had to convince the judges then and also during the exhibition, (2) Voting Ballot - the invitees would participate through voting, where a voting ballot was available for them to vote for the best idea and (3) Station Judging – where supporting evidences, prototypes were displayed and judged by the Politeknik Brunei’s facilitators.


    School of Business : G8 – Kidrolay Theme Park (Winner/1st Place)


    School of ICT : G64 – Hajj App (Winner/1st Place)








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