• Introduction

    CSDI is envisioned to broaden students’ learning experiences by adding value to their education through enrichment activities and programs. We work to nurture students’ creative and innovative thinking, develop their leadership potential and entrepreneurial skills through involvement and participation in academic, personal, social and community outreach and co-curricular endeavours.  In its 2015  –  2019 Five Year Development Plan (5YDP), the Centre has set forthright 3 central tasks underlying the principal roles of the center and these are:


    Building Capacity: Create and develop programs in leadership and human capacity development that will help student develop their leadership potential and nurture their entrepreneurship capacity.


    Nurturing Vision: Collaborate and network with  key  industry players to facilitate the creation of new ideas that will foster innovation, and  further entrepreneurial skills development and economic sustainability.


    Fostering Innovation: Initiate, develop and manage award  and scholarship  programs that recognize achievements, creativity and innovation in the fields of entrepreneurship, technology and leadership.

  • Strategic thrusts

    CSDI champions four key strategic thrusts to help realize its five year strategic development plan. Each strategic thrust is made up of several projects and initiatives planned for implementation within a five year period from 2014 and extending into 2019 with the aim of establishing the Centre for Student Development and Innovation as a leading institution for technopreneurship Leadership and innovation.


























    It is estimated that CSDI’s four strategic thrusts will provide multiple capacity building development opportunities to students, faculty, and management. By 2019, the CSDI and Politeknik Brunei would have created a significant footprint in the innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership development arena.

  • Vision and mission


    The Centre for Student Engagement and Innovation (CISE) shall assists the development of students into highly skilled and competent student-entrepreneurs and  graduates by fostering and promoting innovation and creative ideas, developing and instilling leadership skills and cultivating entrepreneurial abilities.



    The Centre shall develop and advocate programs that promotes innovation and entrepreneurism, and engages students in leadership.  The Centre will serve as a platform that drives interdisciplinary interactions and inter-school/departmental partnerships, advances institutional partnerships and linkages, and advocates global education in its programs and activities.

  • Objective

    The Centre will help students to bring what they learnt into practice and strive to;


    1.  Create an entrepreneurial and innovative culture in Politeknik Brunei.


    2.  Inculcate a culture of innovation driven entrepreneurship through enrichment -based programs
         and activities, and student-driven projects.


    3.  Catalyse and promote development of programs and activities that advances innovation and


  • Enrichment Module Guide

  • Staff


  • Contact

    Centre for Student Development and Innovation

    Politeknik Brunei

    Apartment 3.02, Level 3, Block 2E,

    Condominium Ong Sum Ping

    Jalan Kumbang Pasang

    Bandar Seri Begawan BA1311

    Brunei Darussalam


    Office: +6732234413

    E-mail: johari.latif@pb.edu.bn


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