• Tuesday, 01 May 2018


    The School of Business from Politeknik Brunei is partnering with WG Office Supplies and Services with the aim of providing students with hands-on skills in using TBS financial accounting software. Accounting and finance lecturers from the School of Business at Politeknik Brunei have undergone training in the setup and use of the TBS system over the past few weeks and were presented with their certificates after completing a final test.



    WG Office Supplies and Services was established in 1994 and is a leading solutions provider in Brunei Darussalam offering business solutions to hundreds of clients across industries nationwide. The company is an authorised distributer for a range of solutions including the TBS financial accounting system, Panda Security products, NetSupport Systems, Cuscapi F&B business management solutions and is a partner of YGL World.


    TBS Accounting System has been present in Brunei for nearly 25 years and is used by a wide range of organisations throughout the country. TBS is an online financial accounting system specially designed to handle a full set of accounts and suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. Being a well-established financial accounting system used by businesses in Brunei, Politeknik Brunei School of Business is pleased to be able to use the system to provide students with some practical knowledge of using accounting software and is grateful to WG Office Supplies and Services for providing support.










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