• PB students launch local clothing brand for women


  • Wednesday, 25 October 2017


    FOUR Politeknik Brunei (PB) students recently launched the Demure brand, a local clothing brand for women.


    The ceremony was organised by PB School of Business (Entrepreneur and General Studies) at the PB One Stop Centre, according to a press statement.


    The project is one of the developments of the Internship Incubation programme carried out by PB, where students under the programme have been given the opportunity to start their own business. Seventeen students took part in the programme for six months, which started in July this year.


    The students involved were Siti Nadzirah binti Shafie, Nurul Haziqah binti Abdul Ghani, Izzah Maziyyah binti Haji Busrah and Siti Nazurah binti Haji Lukman Hakim.


    The ceremony was launched by the guest of honour, Alias bin Haji Abu Bakar, the Acting Assistant Director of PB, who took a look at the Printed Bawal exhibition of ‘Bunga Collection’ from Demure Company.



    Guest of honour, Alias bin Haji Abu Bakar, the Acting Assistant Director of PB, receiving a souvenir



    The Demure Company thanked Cikgu Goh Chai Li, Cikgu Hazmi bin Razab and Cikgu Mahdini bin Wahab from PB; and Siti Nur Hafidah binti Haji Kula and Mark Koh Tze Horng, both from the L ‘Orient Company for the support.


    Thirty people attended the launching ceremony comprising invited guests, PB’s lecturers and students.


    The slogan of the Demure Company is ‘Humble and Inspiration’, from the meaning of Demure, which means modest.


    The Printed Bawal of ‘Bunga Collection’ is the first product of the company, which has been generated through the inspiration of its founder.








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