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  • Saturday, 13 June 2015



    Politeknik Brunei today launched its first social responsibility and civic engagement program under the Enrichment Module, called Program Pelajar Politeknik Penyayang, or 3P program. The program was co-developed with Pusat Ehsan Al Ameerah Al Hajjah Maryam and the Society for the Management of Autism Related issues in Training, Education and Resources, SMARTER Brunei, and graciously supported Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD), BIBD At-tamwil Berhad and Maybank Berhad. The launching ceremony was held at Orchard Garden Hotel and the guest of honour was Mr Lim Yu Kwang, a member of the Board of Governors of Politeknik Brunei.


    The ceremony began with a recital of Al fatihah and a welcoming speech by Mr Denis Ho Mun Tai, the Acting Director of Politeknik Brunei. The guest of honour then unveiled the 3P Program plaque, which was later initialed by the co-developers and supporters of the program. Mr Lim also graciously presented a prize to creator of the 3P program logo, which was sponsored by Maybank Berhad, and presented tokens and certificates or appreciations to the co-developers of the 3P program and its supporters.



    The 3P Programs are aimed at inculcating a sense of community and citizenship among students and develop students into morally and ethically responsible individuals. There are a number of 3P programs that will be offered that last up to 10 weeks or up to 20 hours per semester.

    3P at SMARTER consists of two programs, UnderstandMe and GuideMe, for the students to participate in. The UnderstandMe program introduces students to the world of autism through their interaction and involvement in assisting the primary caregivers in the SMARTER centres. The GuideMe program will provide opportunities for Politeknik Brunei students to practice the knowledge and skills that they have acquired to train the SMARTER Brunei students in various competency-based training certificate programs offered by the SMARTER Brunei.


    The two programs in Pusat Ehsan for the 3P are Ehsan, where students will assist primary caregivers in caring during lesson classes and therapy sessions and perform duties and tasks assigned to them, while Bimbing will place students as mentors for Pusat Ehsan’s students on different skill classes and programs such as mathematics, English language, computer skills, as well as mentoring them on prevocational and vocational skills to prepare them for employment.




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